Launched in 2005

Grannus Securities was launched by Dr. Andrew O’Brien to provide quality advisory services to the emerging start-up healthcare and biotechnology market in Australia. The early years, Grannus worked with a number of Australian ASX-listed and private companies. Projects start with a strategic review to assess the current corporate strategy being executed by the client. The collaborative approach taken by Grannus principals has resulted in employees taking Executive Board positions, Chief Executive, Managing Director or Business Development positions as ‘in-house’ expertise for the client.

Since 2009

Grannus Securities evolved to incorporate funds management with a focus on early stage venture or technology commercialisation investment mandate. Through management of the Trans Tasman Commercialisation Fund (“TTCF”), Grannus provided the leadership and diligent investment management to early stage projects in Australia and New Zealand. TTCF provided the Grannus Principals a platform to demonstrate a successful track record in investment management. The Principals delivered a strong investment performance in the context of the restricted investment mandate while proving diligent management and an ‘eye’ for best or first in class technologies where there is a market need.

Since 2012

Grannus Principals considers the Asian region to be a key to future success for clients and potential investee companies, beyond the traditional markets of Europe and the United States. Grannus Principals have strong networks in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan as the firm built a PanAsian practice.

Since 2017

Grannus expands into the new sector or Ageing Technologies (AgeTech) with a focus on innovation that improves seniors quality of life allowing them to remain home longer. The practice grows to include projects in Europe and the appointment of new Principals to grow this sector.