Working with many different investors seeking above average financial returns from technology assets

Providing the specialist skills that helps investors in innovation generate positive returns


Limited Partners in venture capital funds

Working with Superannuation, Mutual, Sovereign Wealth, Fund of Funds, Asset Allocators and UHNW/ HNW investors seeking to invest in venture capital funds in the deep technology market. Grannus has successfully managed a micro-VC investing in university based deep tech IP delivering greater than 20% IRR over the 5-year investment period by capital return.

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Investment in start-ups

Direct Investment in start-ups

Working with UHNW/ HNW investors, Corporate Venture Capital and Investment Funds who are seeking direct investment in start-up assets. Grannus has placed capital with innovative biotechnology, consumer health and med tech companies, clean technology/ energy start-ups, sustainable industry assets such as new technology for agriculture as well as ageing / digital health and circular economy start-ups.