Leading boutique corporate finance & advisory practice

Services offered

Building the foundation

Working with companies to establish Business Plans that can secure funding, Go to Market strategy, Operational strategy and Technology strategy and roadmaps as you build a product or service from a Minimum Viable Product to a market launch and scaling for international markets

Capital raising

Securing capital for innovating private companies is never easy. Grannus is there to help confirm business strategy, how your business is positioned in the capital markets and matching your company with the best investment syndicate to support you as your grow. We manage the process of drafting investor materials, roadshows and datarooms for due diligence so you can focus on your day-to-day operations.


Advice of how a company should be structured, the composition of the Board (including personality assessments to confirm fit), how executive may be compensated and what external advisory Boards can complement the structure to deliver the maximum benefit to lean start ups. Grannus team members also act as in-house advisors taking Board and/or Executive roles on an as required basis.

Finding strategic partners

Expertise in engaging with potential collaboration partners – either as a knowledge or platform technology partner – through to early engagement with potential acquirors to align product or process development with institutional and consumer needs.


Principals have valued in excess of 100 valuations of companies in a broad range of industries, including pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, medical device companies, clean technology, including energy assets such as power generators and retail / network distribution business, renewables technology, waste management and applied materials as well as chemical manufacturing companies and global mining assets. Grannus team members also developed the first effective option-based pricing models in 1999/2000 to value IP based technology businesses.