Working with universities and corporate to innovate on key themes to disrupt an industry

Ideation sessions and hackathons with academia, industry entrepreneurs and our mentors to deliver knowledge and mentoring and the development of new ideas

Bootcamps that help founders/ Academics and Students to IDEATE and BUILD new companies

Week 1

How to start and launch an idea, company or social enterprise:  Covering the fundamentals on launching and what an entrepreneur needs to be thinking about when taking an idea from something in your head, in the lab or a piece of research ‘know-how’ to a real life product so you have the toolbox to execute.

Week 2

Learn how to pitch to investors:  Being able to communicate the idea and how to execute the business plan in ‘plain English’ so that you can secure investment to hire the team, build and prototype the product or service and secure follow up for launching into the market.

Week 3

How to be a good founder? A good idea and product makes up a part of being a successful start-up, founders have a huge impact on the trajectory of a business.  Understanding what makes a good founder, what is the make-up of a successful team and understanding your limitations so that you can build a management team for success.

Week 4

How to partner with industry.  The technology may be a mix of enterprise solutions as well as consumer market solutions.  In many cases, partnering with industry to secure marketing channels, intellectual property or other elements to complement your start-up will be an important step to success.

Week 5

Launching the idea, how to manage the company?  Create a launch strategy to take your idea to market is a key element of success.  Being able to engage your customer and secure revenues will be important to building a viable business… and confirming financial assumptions forwarded in your business plan

Week 6

Pitch Night – Showcase your idea, start-up or social enterprise to a public audience in the final pitch night. This is a celebratory wrap-up of the program and a chance to build network.