Grannus is seeking Corporate partners to join the accelerator program at one of three levels:

Foundation Partners

100% of the benefits of the relationship from defining focus areas and call for applications to theme a cohort in an area of interest for the Accelerator, preferential access to the pipeline and the cohort startups and the ability to second staff into the accelerator for staff development. Uimately, a pilot project with the startup may be mplemented to complement inhouse innovation.

Anchor Partner

Allows the partner to provide input to define focus areas and call for applications, in the Accelerator and other programs. Establishes a link between corporate and the start up industry to complement inhouse new technology catchment through facilitating the selection process and enable deep dive sessions.

Ecosystem Partners

A program to complement the business development of the company with a focus on new technology from an international catchment. Can participate in early stage IP commercialisation events to help build the local system, but also provide early insights into new technology being developed at the academic or industry level.

Corporate Partner Benefits continued:

Ecosystem Anchor Foundation
Branding, Events, & Networking
Events & Networking
Ideation and Hack-thon access (4x per year)
Bootcamp access (2x per year)
Deal Flow sessions (6x per year)
Accelerator access (2x per year)
Top 100+ lists (2x per year)
Selection Day attendance (2x per year)
Top 100 rating power (2x per year)
Dedicated Innovation Team
Dictate Focus (2x per year)
Selection Day Voting Rights (2x per year)
The ability to “second” staff into a cohort as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence (2x per year)
Monthly Deep Dive Sessions with Business Units prior to selection day
Up to 25 Corporate Reps allowed to attend events
Five (5) guaranteed startup picks
Buy to build option to work with the Accelerator to build a company to meet corporate needs (1x per partner)